We are focused on
Oracle and Redwood.


The focus on working with Oracle related products waas the last couple of year on Private Cloud solutions. The “Infra As A Service (IaaS)” was based on Oracle VM. We implemented “DataBase as a Service (DBaaS)” with Enterprise Manager, so a Self-service environment was the result form the customer. I redesigned a DBA toolkit, with PL/SQL, so DBA functions are added to the self service environment.


Redwood technology automates your most important business and IT processes. Our solutions eliminate manual tasks, speed processes and build reliability, accuracy and quality into the critical everyday operations your company depends on.

Cronacle® is our flagship Enterprise Process Automation® platform. Use it to speed up your mission-critical processes by as much as 90% and improve accuracy and reliability.RunMyJobs® is a pay-as-you-go subscription-based business and IT process automation service that eliminates licensing and infrastructure costs.

SAP® Business Process Automation by Redwood (SAP BPA) gives you the power to connect and automate business and IT processes across your entire enterprise landscape seamlessly from within an SAP product. It’s the only strategic automation solution developed as an integral part of the SAP enterprise.