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Scott Tiger is dedicated to Oracle and Redwood technology. We want to be added value for customers who are using Oracle or Redwood technology. We seek to present exceptional, noteworthy tips, tutorials, and resources that Oracle and Redwood users will appreciate.

Scott Tiger is founded in februari 2005 by Peter Lengkeek.

Always deliver more
then expected

I’m Peter Lengkeek and I work more than 25 years as a consultant with Oracle and Redwood related products. He started as Oracle DBA and Developer at several (government and commercial) customers.

In 2012 I became partner for Redwood for the product RunMyJobs, the cloud equivalent of Cronacle9.

In his spare time, Peter changes his “IT cockpit” for a cockpit of a glider plane, whenever the weather it allows.


The focus on working with Oracle related products waas the last couple of year on Private Cloud solutions. The “Infra As A Service (IaaS)” was based on Oracle VM. We implemented “DataBase as a Service (DBaaS)” with Enterprise Manager, so a Self-service environment was the result form the customer. I redesigned a DBA toolkit, with PL/SQL, so DBA functions are added to the self service environment.


In the period from 1995 till 1999 I worked for Redwood as a DBA Consultant and Support specialist. In give support for Redwood/JCS3 and Redwood/JCS4.2. Later on the product Redwood/JCS, also known as Job Control System, was renamed to Cronacle. Since 2008 I focussed again on the product Cronacle. That was version 6 and 7 at that time. In 2011 I followed the Cronacle8 Master class at Redwood for an introduction on the new product Cronacle8. In 2015 also SAP Business Process Automation was added to know implementations.