How to find Never Running Jobs?

During the task of deleting some Application(s), with related Job Definitions/Job Chains I detected that there are related jobs with the status “Never”. I could not delete the Application, so first of all remove these related jobs!

Find jobs with status Never
How can I find jobs with the status “Never”?
Simple, use the Job Monitor and search for the status Never. Use the “IntelliSearch” function in the Search box, by entering “s:Never”. See image below. 

The notation “s:never” stands for “Search for status Never”.

What are Never Running Jobs?

When there are jobs found, you can find the explanation for this status, by hovering over the queue name.

In this case the used queue has no Process Server connected, so the job will/can Never be executed.

This situation can be created, by removing a Process Server. A Job Definition can still be submitted, but will get the status Never. The used queue can be selected by a Operator, but also the queue can be defined as the “Default Queue” for a Job Definition.

Cancel job
The get rid of the Job(s), we want to remove the Application…., you can cancel them. Then these jobs have a final job status and can be removed.

It’s possible that there is a configuration change in Process Serves or queues, during the live cycle of your Cronacle infrastructure. There for it’s wise to check periodically if there are jobs with the status “Never”.

Never say never again. Always be 'in control' of your jobs.